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A top supplier of graphene and derivatives products

CARBONTEKS manufactures and sells nano-carbon materials with different structures, such as graphene, nano-carbon capsule, and related derivatives. It is processed by special technologies for environmentally fields application.
Product applications: gas barrier materials, lithium battery electrodes, flexible transparent conductive film, thermal radiation for heat dissipation, super capacitors electrode, conductive inks, cutting oils, lubricant additives.


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Graphene additives for supercapacitor electrodes


This product is used in the electrode material of electric double layer super capacitor (EDLC). It has high conductivity and large surface area, which enhance capacitance, high power density and low equivalent series resistance. Ideal for printing, inkjet printing, and coating processes.


Graphene additives for lithium battery electrodes


Graphene use for positive and negative electrode additive. Its high electron mobility and resistance value can reduce the impedance and increase the proportion of active material. Graphene has high porosity performance to provide charge and discharge function. The high surface space graphene can avoid damage to the electrode process.

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Graphene/Nano-carbon capsule additives for Water/Oil high efficiency cutting oil


The high-performance fine-machining oil efficiently reduce cutting temperature, improve cutting force and smoothness of the work piece.
This product is suitable for ferrous metal, high-strength nonferro-alloy materials, titanium alloy, carbon compounding materials during the process of tapping, twisted teeth, high-speed gear cutting, broaching, reaming and high-speed drilling.

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High heat dissipation graphene ink for printing


Printing graphene inks can be classified into two types: water-based inks and oil-based inks. The material can be printed on electronic products, smart phones, tablet computers, notebook computer heating elements or housings, etc. to efficiently dissipate heat and improve equipment performance.
Applications: Heat dissipation for electronic products, battery, smart phones, tablets, and laptops.
應用: 於電子產品、電池、智慧型手機、平板、筆記型電腦等,讓系統快速排除廢熱。

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Graphene additive for flexible transparent conductive film


The material is composed of graphene and nano-silver wire. It features a low resistance value, good electrical conductivity, high light transmittance, flexible, and excellent abrasion resistance.
Applications: Ideal for optoelectronic devices with transparency requirements for thin film switches, flexible touch panels, solar panels, etc.
應用範圍: 適用於薄膜開關、可撓式觸控面板、LED、太陽能面板等,對透明度有要求的光電器件。

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High heat dissipation fiber cloth graphene additives

The high-heat-dissipation graphene fiber textile,  attributes to the high heat-dissipating performance. Carbonteks graphene can be added through spray, dipping or melting which will enhance the performance of fiber cooling products.


High thermal conductivity heat spreader tape

This high thermal conductivity tape works greatly to bond two devices that require heat conduction.
Applications: Fixed IC heat sink, fixed between LED and heat sink, fixed between mobile phone heat-generating parts and heat sink, etc.
應用範圍: IC 散熱片固定、LED與散熱體之間固定、手機發熱零件與散熱體之間固定等,最有效的導熱及黏結方法。

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World leading company in the design, development and production of graphene and derivatives

CARBONTEKS is a graphene and derivatives manufacturer. We specialize in surface treatment, application of high-tech graphene and derivatives nano-materials. Our team is dedicated to work on materials to enhance the performance of lithium battery electrodes,  thermal radiation for heat dissipation, super capacitors electrode, conductive inks, cutting oils, and lubricant additives.

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